UW Career Fair

February 5, 2016

Yesterday I had the opportunity of attending the UW CSE Industry Affiliate career fair. I wasn’t sure what to expect — especially being that I am a current student and had never experienced the other side of a recruiting event before. Nonetheless, I was excited to see how I’d fair pitching HERE to fellow Huskies.

After registering HERE for the fair (3 days prior, by the way), I quickly noticed that some of the industry’s top companies were going to be attending: Uber, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Tableau, Adobe, etc. I knew I had to find something to differentiate us and drive traffic to HERE’s booth. My solution: 12 boxes of pizza!


Our booth at the fair. Notice our 12 boxes of pizza!

At 1:30 PM, students began pouring into the atrium of the Paul G. Allen Center for CS exploring the different companies eager to grab top undergrad tech talent. From that point until the conclusion of the event at 5, I don’t think I’ve ever talked so much before in one period my entire life! Simply wearing a HERE t-shirt with my name tag, I became a target of conversation to eager students searching for opportunities to spend their summer coding or post graduation entry-level positions. Lines of students piled up to talk to us!

Many students, although never hearing of HERE before, grinned with excitement when I began speaking about the autonomous driving work we would be doing with the company’s new owners.

It was a pleasure collecting 50+ resumes throughout the day. I found the experience to be great practice for public speaking and sales pitching. To learn more about careers at HERE, check out the Students & Graduates career opportunities page.


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