January 15, 2017

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Spring 2016 Coursework

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Wrapping up my third year @ UW, I’m enrolled in:

HuskyPatch – Foster Business Plan Competition Submission

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Recruiting @ UW Pt. 2

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I’m back for the second time on campus @ UW to recruit students for internships and full-time positions. This time, I had the pleasure of organizing (and speaking at) an information session. I had a fun time creating this promotional poster for the event:

HERE info session png

Want to grab lunch?

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warning: please excuse the ridiculousness of this next post

pow · er lunch
noun  a high-powered business meeting conducted over lunch

Power lunches are all the talk nowadays. However, there is much confusion as to what actually defines a power lunch. I’m here to crush all the uncertainty as to what exactly a power lunch is. I’d like to thank my colleagues Andrew Bagherpour and Karl Manner for cosponsoring my definition.

Here is the official guide to what constitutes a power lunch:

  1. Attendees must be productive before and after lunch
  2. Restaurant cannot take longer than 15 minutes from ordering to food on the table
  3. Clean and simple food only (sammys, salads, soups, burgers, burritos, wraps)
  4. Conversation must be semi-productive
  5. 1-1 exclusivety (rare exceptions are granted for three-ways)
  6. Restaurants must have table ordering and attendees must be seated by waitress
  7. Collared shirts required
  8. Extra points rewarded for outside seating and strong sun presence

Hello world!

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Welcome to my blog!

My name is Dylan Babbs. I am a student at the University of Washington–Seattle. Currently, I am taking a one-quarter absence to gain professional work experience at HERE while also learning to develop iOS applications from Udacity.

I’m going to use this site as a place where I can write about my technology endeavors: data visualization, iOS applications, product ideas, events I attend, and books I read.

Feel free to leave a comment and follow my on my socials: Linkedin, Tableau PublicTwitter.

UW Fraternity Grade Report Spring 2015

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U-District Crime

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