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21 April 2021
Watch my talk from Config 2021
Dylan and Vietanh show a suite of Figma-powered design tools that let their team build out core and global Uber experiences. Without this infrastructure, it would have been impossible to build coherent design flows which let Uber user buy transit tickets in Denver, order a rickshaw in Bangalore, have local favorite Churrascaria delivered to your doorstep in São Paulo, and ship important consumer goods across the US during the COVID-19 pandemic
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9 February 2021
How I programmatically built 256 new design system components in Figma
A look into how automatization can supercharge the design process in Figma. At Uber, we design and build our products utilizing a robust and flexible design system called Base. At the designer-level, Base is implemented in Figma; Product Designers, Product Managers, and Software Engineers across the organization all collaborate in Figma to help ship products.
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7 July 2019
Watch my talk from JSConf Asia 2019
In early June, I spoke at JSConfAsia about HERE's new 3D web rendering engine,
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1 May 2018
Intro to Map Data Visualization Design
Location is everything. It’s estimated that nearly 80% of all data produced contains location elements. But what exactly is location data? Location data can include anything from coordinates (latitude, longitude) to street addresses to zip codes to country names.
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