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I'm an independent design technologist consultant with a focus on geospatial applications.
I worked at HERE Technologies in Seattle and Berlin.
Previously, I studied Informatics at the University of Washington.
Thanks for visiting my portfolio site. I'm a 24-year-old design technologist fascinated by the intersection of the physical and the digital world.
Please shoot me an email if you think there is something we should be doing together. Always interested in meeting up with smart people to chat.
My current home base is Factory Görlitzer Park in Berlin, Germany.
Location Services & Maps
Human-Computer Interaction
Data Visualization
Core Skills
Product Research
Concept Prototyping
UX Engineering
JavaScript, React, HTML, CSS, Node.js
HERE Visualization Stack (w/ Nino Kettlitz): Web Summit, Lisbon, 2019
3D Vector Web Maps with JavaScript Conference Asia, Singapore, 2019
Isoline Routing: SeattleJS Meetup, Seattle, 2019
Web Mapping & Visualization: #Map_IT Hackathon, Warsaw, Poland, 2018
Web Mapping & Visualization: HacknBreak, Izmir Turkey, 2018
Tableau Visualization: UW Technical Foundations of Informatics, Seattle, WA, 2017
ISPMA Certified Software Product Manager, 2018
AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner, 2019
Hackathon Awards
Discover Hack Your Trip Hackathon, 2nd Place, 2018
PwC Cybersecurity Contest, 1st Place, 2016
HERE-Garmin Hackathon, Most Innovative, 2015
HERE Company Hackathon, Best Cross Site Collaboration, 2015