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Fleet Management Dashboard

Demo application and reference application for a fleet management technology stack.
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Design, build, and share your own flight maps.
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Mobility Map

An interactive visualization of my Uber, Lime, Jump, and Lyft trips.
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COVID-19 Tracker

Interactive map dashboard for showing COVID-19 spread.
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Global COVID-19 Travel Restrictions

Interactive tool to explore border closures due to COVID-19.
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Popup Bike Lanes in Europe

Compare changes in bike lanes added throughout the COVID-19 crisis.
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Bay Area Large Scale Traffic Simulations

Origin locations of the 21.6 million trips taken on the Bay Area road network during an average weekday.
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Isoline Explorer

Front-end client to explore the HERE Isoline API.
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Food Depository Chatbot

Joint partnership between HERE and the Greater Chicago Food Depository to develop a location-aware chatbot.
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Boston Liquor Licenses

Explore nearby Boston bars within walking distance.
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Washington Road Usage Charge

Connected vehicle analytics for mileage detection.
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iOS app to prepare panoramas for Instagram.
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Uber iMessage Concept

Concept for iMessage integration into Uber.
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Jasper Smart Mirror

Smart mirror to assist with wardrobe management.
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UW Course Sequence Explorer

Visual representation of UW course pathways.
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